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poluidris said: Thank you so much for this blog! I've just spammed all my followers with about 20 of your posts, and I will get around to reblogging your entire blog in the near future! It's so lovely, and perfect!

No problem! We’re glad you like it. :D


me: I'm gonna study when I get home
me: I'll just study before I go to bed
me: I'll just study in the morning
me: I'll just study on the way to school
me: I'll just study in this class
me: I'll just study in the hall
me: I'll just study before the test
me: I'll just study during the test

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#Oh hi AP tests  

What with exams, AP tests, and some other stressors, we’ve been rearranging our admin system recently.

We’ll try to post as much as possible, and we should be completely up and running again in one or two weeks. Sorry!

Stay nerdy. :P

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